National + International Tours

From a local weekend camp to international travel

Every two to three years, our Bella Voce choir members (grades 8 to 12) are given the opportunity to apply for our touring choir. Going on both national and international tours gives our choristers;

  • first-rate performance opportunities,
  • changes their lives by introducing them to different cultures, and
  • encourages them to form global friendships.

We start training girls to go on tour by taking our Seraphim (grades 4 and 5), Arietta (grades 6 and up), and Bella Voce (grades 8 to 12) choirs to our annual rehearsal camp.

The British Columbia Girls Choir has toured within Canada and the United States. Internationally, we’ve sung in Australia, Costa Rica, China, Scotland, England and Germany.

Our last international tour was the summer of 2015, where we toured Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands.

We have performed in caves, castles, palaces, movie settings, railway tunnels, concert halls, football stadiums, village markets & schools, highland games and at the Olympics!

Our singers are already saving up for the 2018 international tour, when we’re visiting Iceland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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