What the choir offers

giving voice, enriching lives, creating extraordinary music

The British Columbia Girls Choir has been providing exceptional choral training since 2004. For over a decade, hundreds of girls have achieved a high level of artistry, and today, singers continue to thrive under the leadership of an experienced and nationally renowned Artistic Director, professional accompanists and choreographer, supported by a dedicated administration team and committed board of directors. The BC Girls Choir offers four graduated choir levels for girls from grade one to twelve, as well as a women’s chamber choir. The singers are challenged with music ranging from classical to pop and everything in-between. Skills learned includes:

  • Vocal excellence, taught through fun and challenging repertoire;
  • Exciting performance opportunities,locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Important life skills, cultivated through teamwork, leadership and discipline in a safe, respectful and supportive environment;
  • A close-knit community in which singers and their families are nurtured and lifelong friendships can be made;
  • Community outreach involvement that creates service-minded and civically-engaged citizens;
  • Global awareness, which is fostered through cultural activities, singing in foreign languages, and world travel.

My advice to young people who want to find happiness now and in the future is… sing in a choir like the BC Girls Choir. You’ll find music, poetry, languages, feelings, tolerance and understanding, friendship, world cultures and history, teamwork, poise, confidence, stage presence and so much more. It will enrich your life now and for many years to come.

BC Girls Choirs’ Honourary Patron – Jon Washburn, CM
World renowned conductor and Artistic Director – Vancouver Chamber Choir

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