SpringSing + WinterSong Girls Choirs

Our next SpringSing program starts on April 30th in Burnaby

Outreach program for girls in grades 5 to 7

Twice a year, we offer a 4-week choral program which challenges and enhances the learning of singers in grades 5 to 7 who have been nominated by their school music teachers: SpringSing Girls Choir in May/June and WinterSong Girls Choir in November/December. These choral programs take place in various regions of Metro Vancouver.

Singers take part in 4 Monday evening rehearsals (90-minutes per rehearsal) and then perform in concert with the BC Girls Choir. The girls learn 3 to 5 pieces, enhance their singing skills and sense of group accountability and they, in turn, encourage music students at their school.

  • The program runs from April 30th – May 28th and participants will sing in our June 2nd matinee.
  • Teachers will receive more details about this year’s SpringSing program by Spring Break.
  • Rehearsal and matinee location is Cariboo Hill Temple, 7195 Cariboo Road, Burnaby
  • April 13, 2018 – Nomination deadline
    • Click here to print the paper version OR here for the online version.
  • April 25, 2018 – Registration deadline
    • Click here to print the registration form and pay by cheque. If you wish to pay by credit card, please email our registrar to receive the online registration link.

We keep the fees very low at $60 – just enough to cover our costs.

  • When: Monday evenings in November (WinterSong) or May (SpringSing)
  • Time: 5:00 to 6:30 pm
  • Location: Varies

Benefits to Singers:

  • represent their school in the community;
  • sing with girls from other schools and other school districts;
  • gain confidence in their vocal abilities;
  • experience the joy of challenging themselves, musically and personally; and
  • have fun!

Nomination Criteria:

  • open to girls in grades 5 to 7 who love to sing
  • must be able to match pitch

“I was so impressed with the BC Girls Choir and the WinterSong Choir. Wow! The singing was magnificent! And I really enjoyed how the girls moved so confidently into their places. A truly amazing concert. Well done! I was so proud of my students and it was so thoughtful of you to acknowledge us music teachers! Thank you so much for such a wonderful afternoon!”

~ Elizabeth McFarlane, music teacher at Capilano Elementary School, who has consistently nominated singers to our outreach programs.

Interested students:  Speak with your school music teacher directly or contact us for more information.