Why Join?

We have a lot to offer your daughter!

Our program teaches vocal excellence, the value of teamwork and self-discipline. As a member of our BC Girls Choir family, your daughter will:

  • Receive high quality choral instruction with an established choir;Dec12-15 Emily HappyCIRCLE web
  • Sing a wide range of music and be vocally challenged;
  • Share her love of singing and take part in fun activities with other girls who love to sing;
  • Meet new friends and form lifelong friendships with them;
  • Belong to a close-knit community;
  • Perform in exciting, prestigious and extraordinary venues and locations;
  • Learn about different cultures and travel the world;
  • Help those less fortunate through community outreach concerts; and
  • Experience opportunities she would not otherwise have!
Why are we excited to share the joy of life through singing with you?
  • Applauding the desire to achieve musical excellence by singing challenging music;
  • Appreciating the value of young women doing something they love with like-minded people;
  • Loving our choristers perform in exciting venues all around the world;
  • Knowing girls feel confident when they belong to a supportive and inclusive community; and
  • Pride in seeing our singers blossom into amazing young women.

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